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My CNTRL:R has some electric "leaks"

Hello guys.
I bought second hand CNTRL:R recently and it has some problems. Electric "leaks" to be exact. For example, when i press first button on 4x4 grid, it triggers 3rd button as well (this happens for 2x16 grid buttons as well, but only some of them. Middle encoders are affected too, but faders and side knobs are fine).
Here is what i tried to fix it :
Did reset in offline editor
Tried different firmwares ( and versions. As wiki is down, i dont know which version is latest)
Grounded dip switches
Tightened TRS inputs to make sure that plate isn't not touching anything
Contacted everyone i could
Read almost all the posts with cntrl:r tag

So at this point i just need someone from the Livid to tell me what to do. I'm familiar with disassembly and soldering, so i can try to fix any problem, i just need correct directions. I really like this controller and i won't abandon it, no matter what.
Also i wonder, if it's possible to buy parts for this controller? How can i upgrade faders or encoders? Or maybe i can send it to Livid so they can refurbish? I literally need any information, which would help me to make my CNTRL:R great again.

I really hope someone sees this, as i invested all my money in this controller and now i'm running out of time :(

Also sorry for my bad English, not a native speaker.

Thanks in advance!


  • Hey...

    It's been a long time, but I did a fair bit of debugging on livid hardware some years ago. This sounds like some problems i had seen with components on the pcb, perhaps a short or some other issue. Hard to say where without taking it apart and probing around.

    It might be worthwhile to disassemble the unit and make sure there's not anything obviously loose in the case causing the problems.

    FWIW - Faders and encoders are pretty standard electronics parts - but... those usually don't need replacing unless something is very obviously broken.
  • Hey mate!
    Thank you for your reply first of all.

    I have some experience with disassembling things, but i'm kinda scared in this case. I can't afford to mess up something, that's why i need some guide for safely do it.

    Also i don't know how could i find the problem on the pcb. Perhaps with multimeter or smth?

    Yeahm they are standard, but also there are too many different types and kinds and i don't really know what i'm looking for :D If you could give me directions, i'm not lazy to read and learn. I decided to fix this controller and not give up, so i can invest some time

  • Hi Andy,

    I replied to your support request in the helpdesk.
  • > Livid Support said: > Hi Andy,

    I replied to your support request in the helpdesk.

    Hello! Sorry to bother you again, but my issue isn't resolved. Could you please get back to me? I need a scheme of the board to find a problem and probably solve it. 
    Thank you in advance. 
  • It's been 3 months guys! 
    and my controller is still unusable. 

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