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Internal Guitar Wing vs Brain Jr

I want to put guitar wing in my Strat with only the buttons showing through the pick guard. . Has anyone done this? Could I get the same functionality with Brain Jr? If so- what about the wireless bluetooth (which is essential)?


  • Hi Thunderfingers,

    A lot of our users have attached a guitar wing to their guitar including one who helped us design Guitar Wing.

    Obviously, you want something a little more 'inside' the guitar, which I haven't seen anyone do.

    The main advice I have if you do something like this sis that you should leave the battery a little room to expand if it gets hot. You always want to remember the Galaxy Note 7 disaster when enclosing Lithium Ion Batteries!

    The BrainJr does not support Bluetooth, so it does not appear to be an option for you.

  • It would have no effect.

    BrainJr is a USB Device (not a USB Host), so it can only connect to USB Hosts, like a computer.. 

    Brain Jr cannot Power or Host any USB Devices.
  • The device I refer to is designed to plug into a mid keyboard controller and connect to a computers bluetooth. Those keyboards are not hosts either.  Now the the connector does not have any power, that would be a problem but solved by connecting the required 5v to the appropriate pins.

    Am I wrong?
  • Hi Thunderfingers,

    That is not correct in the case of the WIDI Bud.
    That device is designed to plug into a computer.
    It can then connect to CME devices (and some other Bluetooth enabled Keyboards) using Bluetooth.

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