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Need help in setting up my build

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  1. Play/Pause backlit button with LED ring
  2. Cue backlit button with LED ring
  3. Jog wheel
  4. Track browser knob + track selection button
  5. Loop size knob + loop selection button
  6. Keylock Backlit button
  7. Sync backlit button
  8. Master backlit button 
  9. Tempo fader
  10. LED when tempo fader is at 0%
  11. Filter Knob [270°]
  12. On/Off filter backlit button
  13. Filter FX1 backlit button
  14. Filter FX2 backlit button
  15. Filter FX3 backlit button
  16. Filter FX4 backlit button
  17. Filter backlit button
  18. FX2 backlit button 
  19. FX1 backlit button
  20. On/Off backlit button for dry/wet knob
  21. On/Off backlit button for fx1 knob
  22. On/Off backlit button for fx2 knob
  23. On/Off backlit button for fx3 knob
  24. Dry/Wet Knob
  25. Fx1 knob [270°]
  26. Fx2 knob [270°]
  27. Fx3 knob [270°]

Hi, I am quite new to diy builds, I have a basic understanding on how things work, but I don't have information on what would best suit my needs (brain v2 or jr), or where to find the potentiometers/sliders/buttons, as well as how to connect all that stuff in order for it to work as I intend. I have a friend thats really good with soldering and is a pro with programing/mapping the controller. I could use some help and any kind of advice you guys have. 


  • We are working on getting our DIY line back in operation.

    We'll be glad to help you with this once we have everything back in stock!
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