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Shaky connection between Guitar Wing and Guitar Rig 5?


my name is Ulrich Ellison, I am musical director for 10-time Grammy winnerJose Feliciano. We are putting together a rig where Jose (he is blind from birth) is able to control his effects via a controller on his guitar. Guitar Wing seemed ideal, however when I showed him the system at the rehearsal today we lost connection several times, and he already said he wants to go back to his old electric guitar with built-in efx. Bummer!

- I'd like to hear from people that are already using Guitar Wing with Guitar Rig 5 live how reliable and stable the setup is/ can be, or if you prefer another program for stabitility reasons?

- I need to troubleshoot my system. Why keeps Guitar Wing disconnecting? Is the USB key connection less stable than the bluetooth? Here is my setup: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014), OS X El Capitan, Guitar Wing Firmware 1.36, gwing_editor109 to establish+monitor connection, Guitar Rig 5 in standalone mode with iRig PRO interface.

- I also have the issue where Guitar Wing can't control Guitar Rig when used as a plug-in in Logic X. Why is that so? I am receiving midi message into Logic. Is there a way to setup midi preferences for the Guitar rig plugin?

Any and all input appreciated!

Ulrich Ellison


  • For me, Guitar Rig 5 is my ideal.

    I use Guitar Rig 5 mainly as a plugin in Logic.
    I followed the instructions that I found in this forum to do it. 

    Because of the help of fastfourier i've tried to set up a description. Don't forget to check fastfourier's example project to see it in action. Should there be mistakes in my description I hope someone can step in and adjust where needed:

    1. create software instrument
    2. in the channel strip of the software instrument you see a "tab" called 'instrument'
    3. click it and from the dropdown menu select: AU MIDI-controlled effects and select Guitar Rig
    4. In the guitar rig window on the top right click: Sidechain and select your physical guitar input. (in my case it was input 1) --> don't select a channel strip that you've already made and used for recording, you need to select the input of your interface.
    5. send the channel strip output to a bus, eg bus 1
    6. create an audio channel and have it receive its audio from bus 1
    7. have it send its audio output to your normal stereo output

    8. In the environment (command 0) select the click&ports tab
    9. create new monitor
    10. cable the FCB port on the physical input to the monitor you've created (This will ensure that the guitar rig plugin aways gets MIDI from the FCB1010 (Guitar Wing), whether its track is record-enabled or not.)
    11. I've cabled the monitor to the input view also.

    This should do it, exit the environment window and you can start setting up your controller in guitar rig! "

  • Disconnections:
    Are you connected directly to the laptop or using the USB Stick?
    The USB Receiver in general gives better reception, (due to the internal bluetooth being boxed tightly within the computer case).  
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