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DS1 automapping sends

Hey folks,

since the update I can't find the device to automap the sends to the DS1 anymore.
And it's also not mentioned in the wiki anymore as far as I can tell.
It would be awesome if this feature would come back, or even better, would be improved.
At the moment I`m thinking of selling the DS1 and getting a launchcontrol xl.
I love the built quality and feel, but ease of use is a different story. Nice new editor though.

Thanks for you feedback


  • Hey Justin,

    thank you for your quick reply and sorry for being unclear.
    Since the Ableton 9.6 update the old DS1_Sends M4L Device doesn't work anymore.
    When I installed the DS1 9.6 scripts I couldn't find the project file that contained the mentioned M4L device.
    (I did a clean install and deleted all old installations, before) I also updated the firmware. 
    My question is: is their any way that I don't have to manually map the sends on my tracks?


  • If you're using the most current Livid_DS1_v2 script:

    Open the main script file in a text editor, go to line 217:
    self._strip[index].layer = Layer(priority = 4, parameter_controls = self._dial_matrix.submatrix[index:index+1, :])

    Change that to:

    self._strip[index].layer = Layer(priority = 4, send_controls = self._dial_matrix.submatrix[index:index+1, :])

    Save the file in place, restart Live, and you should be able to control the sends for the selected track with the knobs on your DS1.


  • Thanks a lot Amounra!

    This worked very well and it's awesome like this.
    If it's not too much to ask: is there also a way to have the 5th knob on a strip function as the balance knob?
    I guess a lot of DS1 users would love that configuration.

    Thanks again!

  • self._strip[index].layer = Layer(priority = 4, send_controls = self._dial_matrix.submatrix[index:index+1, :4, pan_control = self._dial[index][4]])

    I think that will get you what you need :)


  • You are a coding god! 

    Thank you very much, sir!
  • oh wait, this actually didn't work. When I replace line 217 with this, the whole script doesn't show up in the drop down menu in Live anymore. What to do?

  • I think I just mistyped...try this:

    self._strip[index].layer = Layer(priority = 4, send_controls = self._dial_matrix.submatrix[index:index+1, :4], pan_control = self._dial[index][4]])

    If that doesn't work, try this:

    self._strip[index].layer = Layer(priority = 4, send_controls = self._dial_matrix.submatrix[index:index+1, :4], pan_control = self._dial[4][index]])

    One of those should work (the first one, I think), but I don't have DS1 in front of me to check it out.  


  • sorry, those don't work either...

  • I'll have to get back to you when I'm looking at DS1, keep an eye out.


  • Hi Amounra...

    Any follow up on the line that will allow the 5th knob to be used as a panning knob?

    The SENDS line worked great for me.

  • Hey guys,

    news on the panning knob issue?
  • I've been unable to look at this, and probably won't have the opportunity until next week some time, but it is on my todo list and I will get you an answer......sorry for the delay.  

  • Just a thought:

    why don't you send a DS1 to the guys from Isotonik. I asked them, if their launchsync etc could be used with the DS1 and they replied that they don't have one to develop for. 

  • This is what you're after, sorry it took so long to get back to you:

    self._strip[index].layer = Layer(priority = 4, send_controls = self._dial_matrix.submatrix[index, :4], pan_control = self._dial[4][index])



  • Thanx mate!

    This one worked.
    All the best
  • Worked for me as well.  THANKS!!!!

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