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Using Base II with Reason

Hi all,

I recently got a Base II and have been able to fix some problems with the Reason codec myself, but I have a few questions:

The most important is the pad sensitivty. Reason's codec defaults it to the lowest, and I would like it at the highest. How can I change this?

Second is the REdrum sequencer control. It doesnt work for me at all, and it is a nice feature to have. Can anyone explain how to implement it?

Third, I would like to use the shift function button to do some extra tasks (undo -> redo, device up and down -> patch up and down). How can I code this in?


I found a new codec posted by user electrofux that has a lot of great enhancments. (
Its a couple years old so the file is no longer hosted. Does anyone have the updated codec?

Thanks so much


  • fyi it was actually the reverse of what you said - 00 was in the codec already so I changed it to 04 and now it is at "highest". But thanks so much!

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