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Brain V2 connection with Ableton live


I was wondering how I get Ableton to pick up the midi data from the brain. I am getting signal data in the tools page in the config program but when I try to map the midi assignments in Ableton nothing happens. It comes up in the MIDI ports on the preferences page but it still doesn't work when I enable it. Any help would be appreciated!

-Adam Chase 


  • edited March 2016

    I'm on windows 10 by the way and my live version is 9.6

  • Hey Adam,

    First off, I would get a copy of snoize, or something similar. It's a midi sniffer that shows what messages are being sent by a device. Once I could see the messages coming in, I would then check in Ableton to that the confit is set up properly (Google will tell you how).

    That should get you started with troubleshooting.

    Regards, Robin.

  • I will try the sniffer when I get home but in the mean time could you direct me to some links that will help me do that. I have googled around but I haven't found anything helpful about getting the brain to talk to the program.

  • If you see the midi device in Ableton, it should be working fine. Here is a page on configure:

    Try that and see how it works out.

  • Oh I see what I might have done wrong. I had the config program open while I started up Live. The port text color was orange because another program (the config i'm guessing) was using it. I will update when I get home from school.

  • I got it working!

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