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Livid DS1 mapping not working the expected way!

edited March 2016 in Software Discussion

Hello forum,

The knobs on my livid ds1 behave strangly, that is all the knobs on the whole mixer always control the highlighted track. For example if track 1 is highlighted then track 2 knobs also control tracks 1's parameters. I'm pretty sure this is not by design, any ideas what might be hhe problem? My setup: Ableton live 9.6, ableton push, livid ds1, on osx, i have updated the firmware and liveRemotescripts


  • Same here. I guess they are working on new remote scripts. Old ones don't seem to work with 9.6.

  • Any workarounds for now?! I am getting ready for a gig on saturday, Should i just revert back to 9.5

  • On second checking the script on the website says "for live 9.6"

  • The versions in our github repository are current, and shouldn't exhibit this problem (you'll need to put the files where they go manually though); however I believe they are included in the current installer.  Are you using the _v2 version of the DS1 script?  It is the most current, and the only one that we will be updating.


  • Hmmm i downloadef the script from the website so i think it os in fact the most recent one, but i dont see any v2 script

  • If it doesn't say "Livid DS1 v2" in your preferences, then its not the v2 script.  Try this installer:

  • ok the installer you sent fails at installing the scripts... it says: "The installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail contact the manufacturer for assistance. 

  • I also tried manually copying the python scripts in the remote folder of ableton, but the device does not show in the preferences , help would be appreciated

  • Alright i managed to copy all the files manually and its working now, but now the return tracks cannot be controlles at all, that is the controller ignores them all together

  • Right you are, thanks for pointing out.  I just pushed a change to GitHub that should fix you up, try downloading the current github repository and replace your Livid_DS1_v2 folder, you should be good to go.  


  • Ok its working now but i have occasional system crashes, can you make sure its not from the script?

  • I'm happy to look at your crashlog if you'd like to post, but I seriously doubt there's anything in the script causing this.  In any case, I'd have to see a log and get a lot more details in order to diagnose that sort of thing.  Best way to isolate a problem like that is by the process of elimination.  Remove the controller from your system and try working for a while: can you reproduce the crash?

  • Ok i think i figured it i was just drawing too much power from my mac, i connected the push to the power outlet and havent had any crash since then

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