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Changing Global MIDI Channel on CNTRL:R?

I've spent the better part of an hour attempting to change the global MIDI channe with both the standalone and online editors l on this CNTRL:R I snagged on CraigsList to no avail.  My FCB1010 uses Channel 1, and reprogramming that thing is a nightmare.  I'd prefer to assign the Global MIDI Channel of the CNTRL:R to Ch. 5 because none of my current controllers use Ch. 5.  I would think this is a simple adjustment, on my AKAI MPD32 I was able to accomplish this in under 10 seconds.  

Anyone have any insight?

I appreciate the help, and apologize if I'm overlooking something simple.



  • Hi PCP,

    It should be easy by simply changing the Bank channel 1 on top of the stand alone editor to Bank 5. It must be the first Bank that you change if you are not using a bak switch encoder.

    Don't forget to send the settings to the CNTRL:R and then save to the CNTRL:R, else the changes won't have any effect.

    Hope this helps you.

  • That did the trick, I didn't realize I could scroll through those...  I figured it was something as easy as that.

    Thanks, Mike!

  • Your welcome,

    Always happy to help a fellow CNTRL:R-ist hahahaha.

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with changing of global channel, whenever I change Bank channel 1 to anything except 1 CNTRL:R just get in stuck, and stop responding in Ableton, I can fix this proble only with total reset to default.. is there anyone who have the same problem?
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