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Block midi mapping

Hey guys and gals

I really like the idea of setting each row on the block the values of C0 through to B0, C1 to B1 and so on, as it stands all the buttons on my block have the same value (C2) and I am still too new at this to get how to change it. Help?


  • You can use the block editor to change the note output for each button:

    Block Editor v1.266
    Mac | Windows
    For earlier models with no expansion jacks:
    Mac | Windows

  • > Mark said: > 
    > For earlier models with no expansion jacks:
    > Mac | > Windows*

    The link for earlier models / Mac, doesn't work. Is the editor sill available?
  • > Moon said: > Have you tried the 'With Expansions' version?

    I actually downloaded the Windows version, and opened it with Wine. Seemed to work fine, although a native version would be better. I'll check the "With Expansions" version.

    > Moon said: > Oh, and you also mentioned mapping to clips in Bitwig (with the manual mapping feature).
    I heard that this is something that they were planning to add to Bitwig in the future (last year),
    but I don't think this is possible without the script in Bitwig.

    Good to know, thanks.
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