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Ableton 9.5 remote scripts changes

Hi all,

I have a custom controller based on brain v2 and a custom remote script coded by amounra base on _Monoframework that has stop working after updating to AL9.5. I had update the _Monoframework, i don´t know how unreal is to summarize the changes, so we can update our scripts. Or. any help?  

Thnxs in advance


  • Hey aleytx, 

    Send me a copy of your scripts via email and I'll have a look....shouldn't be too hard to update for you, but I want to make sure I have the latest version you're using.  Thanks :)


  • Hey amounra

    Cool, thanks!

    Do you know a forum or else where ableton scripts and updates are discuss? 

  • Not really....there used to be a lot of information on this forum, but when they transferred over to Vanilla a lot of the posts I'd made about scripting got scrubbed for some reason.  If you find some new resources, let me know as I'd love to be able to point others towards them when asked.


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