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OhmRGB bug or Ableton Live 9 Remote Scripts bug? Problems with mapping.

Hello people,

How are you all doing?

I have a question regarding mapping in Ableton Live (9.1) with the OhmRGB controller.

When mapping, for example, a 'send' button from track 1 to a reverb effect with the OhmRGB controller. The send button in tracks 1 keeps on jumping all the way to the right. I don't even touch the button.

Also, when looking at the KEY / MIDI IN Indicator (upper right corner) in Ableton, I notice that it flashes all the time. This means that Ableton receives messages from the external controller (OhmRGB) all the time...but I don't even touch a button.

My question is:

- Do I have to update the firmware? (last updated in July 2015)
- Or is this a known bug in Live 9 Remote Scripts? I'm using version 9.1 from this page:

Many thanks in advance!


  • Many thanks for your reply, Moon.

    And my apologies for not responding earlier, but I was on a holiday with my family (and I also work fulltime)...

    Anyways, before I get into all of this, I would like to know what you mean with the following step:

    "- When you open the MIDI Monitor, and are not touching anything?
    If so, then it is either a firmware corruption, or possibly a hardware problem."

    Could you please elaborate this part?

    Again, many thanks in advance.


  • edited September 2015

    Hello Moon,

    Many thanks for returning.

    I have discovered that my Livid Instruments Ohm RGB controller does send Midi data even when I am not touching a button or slider.
    Please check the following link to see the image of the Midi Monitor application:

    The Midi Monitor application receives Midi coming from the Livid controller and non-stop indicates this with the following term:

    'Expression (coarse)'

    So, I then moved the Crossfader of the Livid Controller twice (slide it to the right & slide it back to the middle):

    As you can see in the list, the Midi Monitor application receives this movement from the crossfader and indicated this with the following term:

    'Controller 24'

    So, it worked! Midi Monitor app receives MIDI Data when touching a slider / knob.

    But Midi Monitor app also receives MIDI Data when I am not touching anything...!

    Could you please assist me how I can fix this?

    (maybe update firmware?)

    Many thanks in advance.

  • Also, I don't know if Justin mentioned it already or not, but make sure that all the dip switches on the back of the Ohm are flipped in the right direction:

  • Hello Moon and Amounra,

    I have performed Live with my controller and during the live set, the send button of track 3 went all the way to the right. 

    There is definitely something going wrong with button #11  (

    I have cleaned this knob (but didn't used De-Oxit liquids) but nothing helps. I really think this is a hardware problem....

    How much will it cost me to fix this? Do I really have to send it to Livid Instrument in The States? Or can I just fix it somewhere here in The Netherlands?

    cc Amounra: All dip switches on the back of the Ohm are flipped in the right direction.
  • > Moon said: > Button 11:
    - What makes you think something is wrong with this button?

    Button 11:
    This is the button that is assigned as a SEND-button in the 'Ohm Modes Ableton Live Remote Script'

    -- Are you saying it was triggered when you didn't press anything else?

    Yes, the send rotary knob of track 3 in Ableton Live was rotated all the way to the right, even when I didn't touch button #11 on the controller.

    When I DO touch the button, it just jumps back and forth to the right, left, right. It's very, very sensitive. So, there must be something wrong with that knob only. The other knobs work fine.

    I will include this post when sending a support ticket to Livid.

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