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Ohm RGB : How to switch between to different scripts while playing ?



  • That's weird....maybe I can look into it.  What script are you using now?

  • Hi amoura,

    I have installed the "LividLive9RemoteScripts" (for all Livid Controllers).
    And I use the "Livid_OhmModes" (don't know which version) with Ableton Live 9 Suite (9.0.1. 64-bits)

    Here is all I've done :

    I have changed the "" to change the channel of the live script to channel 2 :
    I have deleted the line below :

    CHANNEL = 0 #main channel (0 - 15)

    And I have replaced it with the 2 lines below :

    #CHANNEL = 0 #main channel (0 - 15)

    CHANNEL = 1 #main channel (0 - 15)

    I have setted the "Gary button" of my RGB as a bank change (cycling between 2 channels), with the "online editor"

  • First off, I'd recommend updating your version of Live.  I'm not certain that it's relevant to your problem, but at the same time due to Live's very liberal incremental changes to the Python scripts, its impossible for us to support non-current versions of Live 9.  

    I've been unable to have a look at this since I first posted, but will try to verify your results tonight when I'm in front of my Ohm....sorry for the delay.

  • Hey yohnel, 

    I investigated but couldn't find a problem myself, and so I reread your older posts and realized that what you describe has to be a bug somewhere, or possibly user error.  If the "zoom" functions are working, then its not a channel issue.  Maybe if you could link me a video of what you're describing I can be of some help?

  • Here is a wetransfert for a video (I'm sorry for the bad quality)

    • first, I change the bank,
    • then, I move  the red highlight box on the left and on the righf, with the nav L and nav R buttons (it moves),
    • then, I try to move  the red highlight box up and down, with the nav up and nav dn buttons (nothing happens).
    • then, I hold down the Zoom button, and the 8x8 grid to quickly navigate the red highlight box to a different part of my Live set (it moves),

  • This one has me scratching my head....I think your problems will be resolved if you update to a current version of Live.  Unfortunately, I can't troubleshoot it for an older version, I don't have the necessary files at my disposal right now.

  • Ok, Thanks for your help.

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