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DS1 or Alias 8 for mixing and controlling hardware synths?

Hello everyone 

I would appreciate any advice/thoughts on the following.

I’m looking at either the DS1 or Alias 8 for my Ableton projects that will work alongside Push and will let me mix tracks and control certain parameters of my hardware synths that are hooked up to my midi interface. For mixing duties, I need something that would let me have control over sessions running over 24 channels and have 4 sends plus 1 pan per channel. Also, I have 4 hardware synths that I would like the DS1 or Alias 8 to control. 

Both the DS1 and Alias 8 look great, but they way I see it, both have great stuff and confusing stuff… 

DS1- the great stuff

  • Best for traditional style mixing duties. It has 5 knobs per channel and this is great as I would have instant control over 4 sends and 1 pan per channel. 

DS1 - not so good stuff

  • As far as I can tell, there is no ability to bank to another midi channel. If I wanted to use the knobs and faders to control the parameters on my Electribe EA-1 on say bank 4 and my Roland SH32 on bank 5, and have the ability to effortlessly go back to the original main mixer mode, can this be done?

Alias 8 - the good stuff

  • This has 16 banks, therefore I think I would be able to use each bank as a set of controls for my 4 hardware synths AND be able to switch back to bank 1 for mixing duties whenever I need.

Alias 8 - the confusing stuff

  • If I use the Ableton script that Livid has made for the Alias, what is the best way to set up send C and D? Could this be done somehow in the first bank, or would I have to open bank 2 and map all of the knobs of to each send C and D across the 24 channels?

I have spent a good while looking at the different Livid videos on Youtube and trying to find info on the internet…so any thoughts would be great, thanks all:-)


  • Hi Moon,

    Thanks for reply and I understand about the Alias 8. About the DS1, I'm not a programmer and I guess that understanding about software scripts/ programming a software script to do banking would require a lot of effort. Do you know of any existing scripts and how would I go about setting this script up with DS1?

  • Thanks again for your help.

    At the moment I'm not sure that the Ableton live script fits my needs, as I think I would rather map the knobs as 4 send and 1 pan for each of the 8 channels. However I haven't had any hands on experience with controller yet. So, is it possible to find some examples for 2 siutations? ( 1- the Ableton live script, 2 - I would self map the DS1).

  • Also, another thing I just thought of...

    On the the Alias 8 is it possible to set bank 1 so that the each of the 16 buttons would select track 1 through to 16. Then would it be possible to set the top left 4 knobs to send A, B, C and D and top right 4 knobs to the 4 corresponding returns? So, every time I select a track from the bottom rows of buttons, I could have access to each track and each of the 4 sends on that track? Finally, I assume I could repeat the same kind of mapping for bank 2 (for tracks 17-32).  Thanks.

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