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Map only for selected track @Ableton

Hi again!! I keep making my own Live setup with Ds1+Maschine in Ableton, and i was wondering if i can assign some Ds1 buttons to control only some parameters of the selected track.   

Exactly that i need is to Map the  multifunction button of looper ( Play/Overdub/Stop/Clear )  and the  :2/x2 to the upper 3 buttons of the right pads. But, i  want to have an independent Looper on  any Channels (8) and want to control  only the selected track Looper.....  like the  rotary encoders that controls the  macros 5,6,7 of the selected track ( yeah i know that's another case , because they are routed to the macros page, and when selected the  track have the  "Blue hand" icon )    but i don't want to  route the Looper to the Macros....   
Reading  about this  on the Ableton forums  i  think  maybe  i have to reedit the Remote Script.....any can help  me with this???  Thanks....


  • Sorry.  It is unfortunately impossible to map the functionality of the multifunction button via Python.  It's a longstanding gripe of mine with Ableton's implementation of their Looper device.  The only way to map it is via UserMapping in Ableton, but of course this method does not provide a way of dynamically changing the selected mapping depending on the selected device, sorry.

    I'm not sure about the :2/x2 buttons, but suffice it to say it's not simple matter to do this in the script if you don't already have a grasp of Python and (especially) Live's specific implementation of it.  If you want to do this stuff yourself, you may have luck using MaxMSP or something else to remap the incoming data from the controller to different notes/CC's and then forward it to Live.  For instance, you could UserMap a button assigned to Note 30/Channel 1 to one instance of a Looper's multiButton, and another to Note 30/Channel 2.  Then, by intercepting Note30 and changing the channel that it's forwarded to Live on, you can control the instance of the Looper that you're affecting.

     Another solution is to commission the work for a custom python script, I'm happy to do it but it might be a little while before I can get to it....


  • Hey a lot of thanks for your answer. first of all, i want to explain that in this case i talk about to implement with Looper, but,  if  it was assumible, sure we can apply for more  setups and devices.  I am a really  newbie with the Max MSP plattform and not sure how to implement the different channels Midi messages,  and not sure  if i am understanding 100 %  what you try to explain me, but sure talking more about this i can understand perfectly ( sorry, i talk spanish  and  basic/med english ) .   

    In this Looper requeriment, i am  thinking i can solve in other way, i explain: 

    Put a  instance of Looper in all my  mixer chanels  with the same config. 
    Assign the ON/OFF button of all looper to the  6, 7 or 8 macro in his group device.
    Assign the multifunction  button to some Ds1 button,  the x2 to another, and  :2 to another.  of ALL loopers.
    With the Remote script, in the Livid Ds1, now i can  select a track, and, with the  Knob assigned to the Macro 6,7, or 8, i can  activate the selected track's Looper, and with the assigned buttons i can record,play, and tweak his parameters.....  when i finish can i deactivate and    play with another tracks Looper.
     I think is one  solution  for this particular request.....   :) 

  • Heyyy i still testing and  programming my perfect setup....  i have another question....  at least i think  it can  be  more an Ableton  mapping question,  that's why i  don't open  another post ,  but write here , maybe someone can help me.....   anyone  knows why, when mapping my Ds1 buttons to  some  Maxforlive devices,  i  need to tap  2 times the button  to get the  action (  with the mouse, this action is done with 1 press only  )  ?? 

    I have checked the buttons config and  its all ok, they are configured as momentary,  and send the desired note with  a value of 64 when pressed,  and 0  when depressed....   

    I checked to do this with  Ableton Normal devices ( no Maxforlive ) and works fine. I appreciate to, the button  led is asigned to this Note,  and when i press one time, it light off,  i press again, it light up  and then is when the action is done.....

    So ,  i  checked the  Maxforlive device ,  whitout having any idea how works Max, but momentary  i have it solved..... i  configured the buttons of the device.... opened the inspector,  selecting the  buttons,  and in the Value section ,  the  ´bang from the transition form` parameter  is set  to  " from zero to 1 "  by default.... i changed it  to "both" , and works perfectly.....   In a normal behavior, with that config ,pressing the button on the Ds1 i think will  reacts as 2 times pressed,  but  in this case i have itworking.  :)

    But really  i'm  very curious with all this and  wants to know why is happening this problems with the mappings....if anyone have any idea please   tell me. A lot of thanks, Javier.
  • @champi123

    You might want to take a look at the nativeKontrol device called DDC Editor, it is still in beta, but guess it would do what you want. It basically let's you create your own mapping for any device or plugin in Ableton and when ever you go to that track it will automatically control that device, as long as it is the first device in the chain.

    Hope it helps you a bit.

    Mike Bosch 
  • I take a look to this device. Thanks

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