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Using the LED on/OFF setting in the editor with block

  1. Selected button ID 7 and turned on the LED ,the button lit up
  2. Then I used the Group button to make all other note buttons the same (I think this is how it should work)
  3. This lit up a number of note buttons not all
  4. Found a note button that was not lit after using the group button( ID14)
  5. On ID14 I turned the LED from OFF to ON then on the controller ID13 light came on ?
Any ideas whats going on ,do I need to reset the block again ?


  • hi first I will get this issue with the triggering of midi notes fixed then update after that

  • OK please reference this topic

    but I went through for every button in the on line editor and turned each button on and off some were mapped correctly others seemed to be one row different so led control for button in row 2 actually controlled row 1 etc etc .Some worked but the led only dimmed and did not go out but then went out with the row 2 Vs row 1 issue .Some were completely random .I would say there is a hardware issue see reference above
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