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Livid Base Not Working In Ableton9

edited November 2013 in Hardware

I recently got a Livid Base and have been struggling to get it to work in Ableton9. I've read all the wiki's, downloaded the recent scripts for the Mac, firmware, and still can't activate the Base's basic functions. Whats strange is that Ableton sees it and Im getting midi signal which is good, but I can't access any of the modes to work the Base. Has anyone else experience any issues like the one Im describing in Ableton9 with the Base?  


  • HI there - I'm also having this problem.  My settings are correct, but Live is not generating the necessary .pyc file.  I've tried reinstalling a bunch of times, resetting Live's MIDI settings back to default and back again, even compiling the file myself and placing it in the correct folder.  None of this has worked.  This is all the weirder b/c it worked for me for one day but never since then.

    I hit up Livid support and haven't heard back.  Ableton folks are taking a look for me, but i'm eager to get this going again ASAP!


  • My guess is that you're not using the most current version of Live.  But in any case, if you send me a copy of Live's log.txt, I'm sure I can sort you out.  I'll PM you my email...


  • Turns out he just needed a current version of Live installed.

  • Hi there,

    I'm experiencing the same problem as producer1. I downloaded the recent scripts and I've got ableton live 9.1.5. And my settings are just fine. There must be something I'm doing wrong, but I can't figure it out...

    I'd appreciate any help.
  • And nvm. Needed to update the BASE firmware

  • Having the same problem, most updated firmware, ableton 9.1.7 (64bit).  Ableton sees the Base, and registers midi notes coming in, but it seems no information is being sent back to the Base, none of the modes work, everything is just blank. Please help!

  • Can you post a screen shot of your MIDI settings in Ableton?

  • edited February 2015

    Sure, here it is.  Thanks for getting back to me! 

  • Thanks agrabiner, that looks like you've got it right.  I'll need to see your log.txt file before I can really determine what's going on, you can find it in Live's preferences.  Here's some details:

  • It looks like there are some script import errors:

  • I think you probably are using the wrong version of the scripts.  Try reinstalling with the installer from here:

    Or, you can install the scripts manually from our repository:

    Let me know if you're still having trouble after that and I'll get you sorted :)


  • No luck :(    I tried the new installer, which doesnt seem to install anything, then I did the manual install.  Situation remains unchanged.  Could this be an issue of the settings on the base itself?  I reset them to defaults to make sure, but maybe something is still set wrong?

  • The problem was definitely that you're using the old version of the scripts, I can tell from your log.txt.  Reinstalling should have cleared it up.  You might want to manually delete all the copies of the Livid files from your MIDI Remote Scripts folder and then reinstall manually.  Don't forget to replace the old _Mono_Framework folder.  Also, make sure you restart Live after you've done this or it won't recompile the scripts to use the new ones.


  • Awesome!  The installer was still giving me problems, but the manual install worked.  Got it up and running now, thanks for your help.  

  • So glad you got it working, and sorry for the trouble....have fun :)


  • Just bought the original base unit and look forward to receiving it. Does anyone know if there are scripts for Maschine 2.2 yet ? I'm pretty new to MIDI programming so,, I will be asking questions.. Happy to be apart of the forum.... Peas !

  • Welcome!

    There is currently no script for the BASE and Machine 2.2 software.

    You can find all of the integration for the BASE here:

    Let us know if you have more questions, we're happy to help!

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