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Ds1 script not working with Live 9.0.4

Hello I recently aquired a ds1 and I cannot get te remote script to work, I installed it correctly and in midi sync it appears DS1 Input:ds1 output:ds1 (it doesn't say anything like ds1 controls) and well it's not working for me. My live version is 9.0.4 it came with the suite version.


  • Here is a link for the 9.0.x scripts:

    Live  9.0  versions for Mac or Windows

    Install these scripts, and you'll be good to go!

  • Yikes, just remembered that the DS1 script was not created at the time of Live 9.0.4.
    You'll need to update like to 9.1.6.
    I think 9.1.5 will also work.

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