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DS1 Help

edited September 2014 in Hardware
The DS1 just arrived. Can't figure out how to integrate it easily into Ableton. There is a little documentation on the wiki.

Using win8 and plugging this thing into power and usb. It automatically installed drivers. Shows up in Ableton.

Now, I have it setup in ableton just like all my other remote devices. Remote/track is checked for both input and output yet it doesn't register any movement. 

The editor opens, sees the midi port. But it doesn't show a fancy graphic of the device. Any idea what is going on with this thing?  Please Help.

***UPDATE **
Most of the problems resolved themselves.
1. I had the power plugged in first then usb. I unplugged power and then just usb. Seemed to fix my issue.
2. Had to close down ableton before the editor would work.

3. Is there a remote script for ableton on this thing?


  • edited September 2014

    We haven't released it yet, but there's a preliminary version in our github repository linked below.  You'll need to place the _Mono_Framework and DS1 folders from the repository in Live's MIDI Remote Scripts folder, and when you restart Live the DS1 will be available in the list of Live's available controllers.  The colors in that version aren't final, but I believe everything else should be working.


  • Hello-

    I just received my DS1.
    I went to the github and downloaded the script.
    Is there any chance of getting a detailed description of how the script functions.
    I know there are a few modes.
    Faders are moving...but I would like to know how to control Pan/Sends; MACROS, etc.
  • Sure.  Here's the wiki page, still a work in progress:

    If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.  I'll check back later.

  • edited September 2014

    Everything on my ds1 is working perfectly besides one thing. I'm trying to use the top row of buttons to select a channel. That row will work without problems. Then on the bottom row I try to map them to turn off and on all effects for that channel. Sometimes it will work and the button will turn off when the effects are off and green when they are on. Other times it will go back to red and or flip between red and green and flash. Any ideas? It's something that really I could work without but very helpful to have.
    Haha might be because I haven't downloaded the remote script yet. I'll check it out when I get home

  • If you're making all of your assignments via MIDI-learn in Ableton, the script isn't necessary.  I would recommend making sure that nothing else is going out to the DS1 via channels in your set;  you can do this by disabling "Track" and "Sync" output in Live's MIDI preferences for the DS1's output.  Let me know if that doesn't do the trick, and we can investigate further.


  • edited September 2014

    Hello amounra

    Thanks for the reply!

    I do have a few questions:

    1) Do I have to unplug/plug in the DS1 each time I start Ableton? It does dot seem to work unless I unplug it and plug it back in each time I start Ableton...Also, is it OK to always keep the DS1 plugged in? It does not have an ON/OFF switch like the PUSH...

    2) From the Livid WIKI: "We have several effects presets and Max for Live devices that are built for different tasks: EQ and Pan, Sends, DJ'ing, Effects, and even Mastering." This is AWESOME! Where can I download the presets and MAX devices? Can I get the downloads?

    3) Say I have 14 tracks...I would like to move the BLUE BOX over to the right so that I can manipulate the volume/MACROS of track 9-14...How do I do that?



  • edited September 2014

    Amounra, same outcome, with when I map the first button to turn my filter, reverb, and delay on and off, it will work like a charm. Once I move onto the second one thats when we run into a wall. It will then affect the other channel and start going crazy.

  • @PremEye:

    1) You shouldn't need to do this.  As long as it's plugged in when you start Ableton, everything should work.

    2)  Forthcoming...we're still putting this together, it should be available soon.

    3)  Press the top right endless encoder and turn it: it will change the currently selected bank boundaries for the channelstrips.

    I'll have a look at this and get back to you....but I'm probably going to need some more concise details about your process and setup before I can give you a good answer.


  • edited September 2014

    In my setup I have multiple audio tracks going into 4 bus channels. Pads, Piano, Synth, Misc. Each bus channel has certain effects. Such as reverb, a filter, delay, etc.

    I also just tried to install the script. Doesn't seem to be working for me


  • edited September 2014

    Thinking of buying the DS1. Does the online universal editor work with it?

    Edit: Found that it does :)
  • @amounra

    "1) You shouldn't need to do this.  As long as it's plugged in when you start Ableton, everything should work."

    Every time I start up Ableton I have to unplug/plug back in my DS1 before it will function... Any idea why?

  • edited September 2014

    No, that's strange behavior....I'll check it out when I'm back at home to see if I can duplicate the problem and get back to you.  

    Are you using the most current version of Live?  Are you using Windows or OSX?


  • I can confirm this, I believe it's a firmware/script incompatibility.  I'll have an update soon that should aleviate this, thanks for pointing it out!


  • This should be fixed for the current firmware:

    Note for Mac OS X Users: This update requires Livid Firmware Update 1.17 (or newer), 1.17 was released earlier this week and is available for download here:

    Let me know if this works for you!


  • Which problem is that fixing? PremEYE's?

  • That's to fix PemEYE's issue.  I'm still not sure about your issue, I just saw your last post (missed it before, sorry).  I probably should have been more clear:  I'm going to need WAY more information to help you.  It would be best if you could package up your Live set for me to take a look, that's probably the easiest solution for both of us ;)


  • Okie dokie how do I send it to you?


  • Dropped you a private message with my email ;)


  • Okie dokie would you like me to possibly show you in a video what's going on as well?

  • Anything you've got will be helpful.....but I might be able to figure out what you're after from the set.


  • @amounra how do you put the ds1 in boot loader mode?

  • Just looking at your email now....I believe you put DS1 into Bootloader by holding down bottom right button of 3x3 while you plug it in.


  • Also I think I fixed my problem. I went into the editor put the buttons on cc and then selected toggle. Nothing has messed up and everything is working correctly. However I have one question how to i set up the encoder to scroll through my tracks? Like what was said above.

  • It should "just work", if you're using the default mappings.  You may want to use the editor to load the defaults back to DS1 and go from there.


  • How do you load them back?

  • Use the online editor, info here:

    There are two boxes on the top of the page, first click "defaults (reset)", then click "save to device".


  • Did that and no response from encoder. How can I tell if the script is working correctly?

  • Are the other features of the script working?  Does it light buttons, can you change track volumes with it's faders?

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