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Connecting Alias 8 to XPC8F Exander Unit

edited September 2014 in Hardware

Hi, I'm seeking advice on connecting the LIVID XPC 8F Expander Unit I bought from LIVID to my LIVID Alias 8 to give me 8 extra faders.
According to LIVID this should be a simple plug in and play procedure. I've followed procedure recommended by the LIVID Wiki to the letter.
The problem is when I connect the LIVID XPC 8F Expander Unit with the cable supplied by LIVID the Alias 8's lights go out and it appears 'dead'.
I notice the LIVID Wiki also states "after trying all other troubleshooting methods. Flip one end of the ribbon cable.
You may need to sand off the notch that enforces polarity".
To be honest I'm a newbie to such matters and have no idea what that statement means.
If someone could suggest what to do to rectify matters in simple terms I'd appreciate it.


  • I have exactly the same issue with the same XPC 8F and Alias 8.

    I just opened a ticket, hope we get an explanation soon!

  • Did you guys flip the dip switches up for the port you are using?

  • Yes I did.

    If the dip switches are on or off, the controller goes nuts. Sending random messages when you move the XPC faders, and the display light either goes off or it lights up dimly.

    When I plug out the XPC, either with the dip switches on or off, the controller works perfectly.

  • Ok try flipping the ribbon cable around on one end where it connect to the Alias 8. So to do this you need to remove the tab on one end of the ribbon cable. This tab prevents you from connecting the ribbon cable the other way. You can use a pair of wire clippers and snip the plastic tab off.

    Then put the switches in the up position and connect the XPC with one end of the ribbon cable now flipped, and it should work!

    Note: if you flip both ends you'll be right back where you were..

  • Thanks Mark, this worked!

    However, I wasn't able to properly remove the tab with the wire clippers. I used sandpaper and even then I had to force it a little bit so it fit upside down.

    Is there a tool to do remove the tab in a better way?

  • edited September 2014

    Thanks for your patience and persistence Mark!
    I did as you recommended and trimmed off the tab on one end of the connecting ribbon cable, then flipped it by 180 degrees before reinserting it.
    Boom! Problem solved.
    Looking forward to using those 8 extra faders now.

  • Great! BTW this is only for the case of the Alias 8. We do our best to package the Alias 8 + XPC orders with the correct cable, but if they are ordered separate, we wouldn't know that its for an Alias, and we ship the standard cable.

    The cable we sent you would have worked out of the box with any of our other controllers.

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