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Ohm RGB not being recognized

edited July 2014 in Hardware

Hi All,

I searched the forums and found several threads related but none that have a clear answer. 

I just bought a new Ohm RGB and am planing on using it for Reason and to DJ in Abelton.  When I initially hooked it up and started the editor, it took the editor about 5 minutes to load!!  Not exaggerating. When it finally loaded all seemed well and I had no indication anything was wrong.  However, now when I start the editor I keep getting the message "No Ohm RGB detected.  Check usb connection and click here to try again"  Clicking the notice does not detect the device.  The USB is indeed connected and sends messages into Reason as I can start and stop the playback, trigger notes etc...with Ohm RGB so I know it's connected.

Does anyone know what's going on?

Also I am looking for some tutorials on how to use the editor.  I can't seem to find any.  Any help is appreciated.



  • Update.  I tried installing the controller and the editor on my laptop and I get the same result.  In both systems thge editor does not want to detect the controller.  

    I also noticed that this happens after I install the Reason Installer.  Is there any way to uninstall the Reason Installer?  There is nothing in the programs list to uninstall it from there.

    Anyone have experience in resolving this?
  • Sorry for your trouble....are you using a Mac or PC?  What operating systems?  Have you tried a different USB cable?

  • Have you tried using the online editor?

    online Editor

  • Make sure two programs aren't using its midi at same time. as this could cause problem.Example  If you had editor open as same time as reason only one program will be able to use. Editor probably wont see or wont want to connect. this is common with lots of midi controllers. close reason try opening editor. Also make sure your not running two copies of editor.

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