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Brain v2 help

edited June 2014 in Hardware

I am planning to build a midi controller for amplitube 3, and have a few questions. The first is on the button matrix, I will have one wire for the row and each pin of the Coulmn will have up to 8 wires on it, is that correct. The second question is how would I wire a SPDT Latching ON/OFF, would in just be row on one side Coulmn on the other side. Thank you



  • The matrix is very easy. You've got a section for rows, another section for columns. If you need to press the very first button, just make a contact between BC1 and BR1. For 2nd button, BC1 and BR2...for 9th button, BC2 and BR1 and so on. 

    If you already own a brain v2, i would advice to take a wire and experiment making some contacts while you monitor the MIDI output. There is no harm to that.

    In addition, if you're not designing a PCB, i'd go with the ribbon connection section. First and second PINs are columns, the remaining 8 are rows.
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