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Livid Bitwig script & Ableton script

edited May 2014 in Hardware

I've recently tried the Bitwig script from Livid Instrument, expecially for Alias 8. It is very great and full,  it simply has all what you need for a live performance and for an accurate inDaw control. But what you think about making something like this for Ableton? the one you have, expecially for Alias 8 is not so good as bitwig one.. why don't you make something like that for it, too? It would be very great, i use Alias 8 for live performance with Ableton.. and it is a pitty to don't ave a good script in it, cause i have to configure manually everything ( light midi etc..) and it is a good thing.. but in plus with a script could be really amazing. (expecially for light response that on my one don't work properly.. or there is some stupid command to set up properly that i don't know..) 


  • edited May 2014

    I don't think its on the agenda at this point, but when we make future revisions we will definitely be incorporating more of the new things we developed for Bitwig.

  • that would be great, cause it's a pitty not having the same for a colossal DAW as Ableton instead a "noobe" DAW as Bitwig, wich seams to be back then all the other DAW.. well this is just a my opinion but i think you should do it :) !!!

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