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MIDI notes to work within a track

edited March 2014 in Hardware

Hi there guys, I'm asking for your kind help for a very crucial point of my setup, which i can't get over at all.

I'm in Ableton 8.1.1, using a Livid Block. I've got some tracks - and the same effect rack loaded on each of them.
I want 4 buttons of the block to select any of the 4 devices contained in every effect rack.
Like, i.e., button a = rev, button b = delay and so on, so i can tweak them by the blue hand.

But if I do assign a button to select a single device in an effect rack, ie note 66 to select reverb, it will just select the device in the rack where i assigned it - and it won't work for the other racks!

I need to play without looking at the laptop, and it would be effective to know that note 66 is reverb, 67 is delay, ecc, of the track i'm selecting.

I'd really appreciate your help, i'm new in Opensource and i'm (slowly) getting into it!


  • to be more precise,
    i want function buttons (1 to 4) to select a specific device
    within the rack i've already selected.

  • Thank you Moon. I've seen something about a 'scroll device' script, but it works on a 'left and right basis', and it's just not the same thing... I used to have an APC - sold it for this very reason, i want my controller to be straight and simple as any other musical instrument.

    thanks for helping me out.

  • Update: I've tried making 4 function buttons send cc's, but the stick on the first assigned device either.

    I was thinking about making the 4 function send different values depending on the rack chosen, doing that in the editor: something like - after pressing note 5 they send cc 10, 11, 12, 13 - after pressing note 13 they send cc 15, 16, 17, 18.
    I would need 64 cc's values, is there any way to do that in the editor?

  • Theres simply not a built-in mechanism to do this in Live, sorry.  It may seem simple, but it's really not ;)  You'd probably need to have a custom remote script made or something in Max4Live to do this exactly the way you want.

    The most common way I see this done is to use a remote script that's capable of device control, place the effect inside a Rack and assign the controls you want access to to it's macro controls, and then map the selection of the rack with Live's MIDI Learn to one of the unused buttons on the Block.  The Monomodular script I wrote (BlockMod) is capable of doing this sort of thing, here's some more info about it:

    Let me know if I can help further (and hopefully that helps)!

  • I should have guessed you were the guru we were waiting for! :) your script was my first choice when first bought my livid - but that was before i started enjoying the challenge of making my own one!

    So if i understood it correctly, there's no way my controller can send to ableton a 'relative' message saying: 'pick up the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th device 
    within this rack i've already selected'. Unfortunately i only have 8 buttons left, which is a good amount to select a 'rack per track', but not enough to select any of the 4 device nasted in every rack.

    Thanks for your help, amounra, I'll wait to gain enough knowledge for making my own M4L script...cheers, F.

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