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Livid elements problems- cant change color of leds, problems with alchemistc etc HELP!

edited February 2014 in Software Discussion

Hi, new to the forum :)

Hope someone can help.

I have purchased a elements skiff, 3 8k8b modules and one 16k.

After plugin everything 2 leds where not responding on the buttons.

I checked the brains pcb and there was a hole on the pcb missing a trace.

I have rearranged the modules ( skipping the second row) and all button light up know when pressing the all leds on inside alchemist soft.

For a long time i was unable to assign the buttons to abletons track on / off. If i chose the buttons to send cc to ableton they wouldn't light up.

I got it working by midi preferences in ableton an setting control surface to none and midi in / out ports to livid alchemist. Took me a long time to get this working.

Every time is start alchemist is says there is a new version. But when i go to the site its the same one. I have updated brain to latest update with the latest hex file.

If i check the max window in alchemist its says: MSP/ad directory does not exist. I have tried everything... Creating the directory ( i own max 6) pointing max to the max files provided by luck.

How can i change the led button colors? I have tried inside alchemist in advance settings but i only get blue color. Tried rgb, bill, none, all the possibilities with no luck.

Could you please let me know what im missing? Where is the new alchemist soft? Where do i have to place your max devices? How do i change the color of buttons?

Any chance you could send me a config file or something? Some script?

I hope you can help me. Im really looking forward to getting the most out this hard/ software but i have been unable so far :(

Im running live 9 on imac have not upgrade to mavericks yet.

Hope to hear from you soon.



  • Are you sure that your modules are RGB? They could be single color blue leds.

    In Ableton, you should be settings the ins/outs to Brainv2(controls).

    What do you mean there was a hole on the pcb missing trace? Can you take a picture?

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