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trying to get LCDproto script to work

edited January 2014 in Hardware

Hello everyone,

I'm just getting started with Alias 8, using it with Reason 7 on Mac OS 10.7. I downloaded and installed the Reason Remote Script from Alias 8 shows up in Audio MIDI Setup. In Reason's Preferences for Control Surfaces I added Alias8 and set
In Port: Alias_8A A8aControls
Out Port: Alias_8A A8aControls
LCD Port: Not selected

This setup works as expected with Reason. However I don't see how to get the LCDproto Max patch to work. I can open LCDproto with Max Runtime 6.1.2. I can confirm that Max Runtime MIDI Setup sees all the Alias8 outputs
Alias_8A A8aControls
Alias_8A Port 2
to Max Runtime 1
to Max Runtime 2

I can open the Max patch "MIDI Tester" with input device set to Alias_8A A8aControls and confirm that all the Alias8 controls send the expected MIDI messages. In Reason's Preferences for Control Surfaces I tried all the available options for Out Port and LCD Port, with matching settings in LCDproto.

Reason's Preferences for Control Surfaces will not allow me to select LCD Port: Alias_8A A8aControls

Not seeing any response from LCDproto. Any suggestions? Thanks!



  • Not sure about that, that's Pete's baby and he's at NAMM at the moment, but we'll try to get you sorted as soon as possible.


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