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BrainJr - Analog as button w/led?

edited December 2013 in Software Discussion


Put simply my problem is all of my digital pins are taken up with encoders and I wish to use the analogs as buttons (the encoders have a push button) which isn't a problem but for the life of me cant get the leds to fire up from the analog button. I'm sad to not be able to do this as I have put some work incorporating a back lit faceplate in my design thinking it wouldn't be a problem. Is there is a simple answer? Any help would be appreciated!

Here is a shot of how I want it back lit...




  • Not exactly sure what your asking. What is lighting up the LED? Your software/?

  • edited December 2013

    Hey Jay,

    I want a physical Analog button to light an LED on the Brain Jr. Obviously this is easy with the digital pins as it is just plug and play but currently no settings I try in Brain V2/Brain Jr Configure have made this work with the analog. Basically I just want the analog switches to interact with the LED bank in the same way the button (digital) pins do. I have successfully made a analog button that works with Ableton Live, I just want a "I am being pushed" light to come on when pressed.

    Is there a particular setting in the Configure software that makes this possible?


  • ok so you are wanting to do this as local control, outside of ableton? With local control you need an led to connect with a note.

  • If I can get an analog button to have led feedback from ableton like I can a digital one that would be great but at the moment I cant get any from the analog.

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