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Brain Jr. RGB LEDS w/ Ableton

edited November 2013 in Hardware

hey guys, i have what i hope is a simple question but i've been looking around at posts and can't find anything specifically addressing what i want to know. let me preface this by saying that i'm a midi controller noob. i have some electronics experience but i don't know much about using midi controllers to do anything. 

that said, i'd like to build a simple controller for a friend who uses ableton with 8 or so arcade buttons illuminated with rgb leds. actually building it seems fairly straight ahead but where i lack knowledge is using it with ableton. i've seen things mention the midi learn feature and setting up the buttons to control things seems easy enough. what i'm wondering is how the leds are setup within ableton. if my friend wants to set buttons to certain colors that correspond to whatever (i don't know exactly what he'd want to do, since as i said i'm a complete midi controller noob) is this something that can be accomplished in ableton's setup or something that needs to be setup on the brain jr itself? or is it something that needs custom scripting as i've seen on some things?

if you read all that, thanks. hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction


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