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Building a MIDI Transport controller with Brain JR ?

edited November 2013 in Hardware

Hi everyone.

I'm wondering if the Brain JR is the right board to build a simple MIDI Transport Controller.
No need to have complicated options like faders or visual feedback but few buttons to make simple transport operations; ie: play/stop/rec/rwd/fwd/back to zero ... 

I'm sure this is easy.



  • I've seen this retired classic by Frontier wich is a little big to stay on my Yamaha 02Rv2.

    It's a wireless remote wich is not a criteria. 

  • edited January 2014

    Hi linn134,

    I have a Brain Jr and I am building a transport controller for Reason 7 with it. Because I do a lot of recording and often have a guitar on my lap, I decided to make it into a floor board with foot switches for the following functions:
    Pre-Click On/Off
    Click On/Off
    Go To Left Marker
    Go To Right Marker
    Tap Tempo

    I have designed a floor board with 3 rows of buttons (5, 6, 5) totalling 16 so I have 5 spare I can map to other functions if I decide I need them later.

    I've had some issues getting the button local control function to light indicator LEDs when sending CC data, but I've managed to get it working with note data such that the LEDs stay on only while the button is pressed for momentary functions (ffw, rw etc.), and latch on or off for toggle functions (e.g. loop). I had to make remote codec and remote map files for Reason, but that's not too difficult once you understand the file formats.

    I don't know how other programs let you map MIDI messages to transport controls, but Reason is very flexible in this regard (you specify the format it looks for in the incoming data, so you can use anything from note data, CCs or even SysEx - I've controlled faders in Reason with an old Roland Juno-106, which uses Roland-specific SysEx instead of CC for most of its controls).

    Which application(s) were you intending to use yours with, or is the intent to control your Yamaha mixer directly? The Brain Jr doesn't output DIN MIDI, so you're limited to communicating with a computer over USB (which could then forward commands on to your mixer via a suitable DIN MIDI output, but it's a bit awkward).
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