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Light Butons doesn't work.

edited July 2013 in Hardware

hi guys, i just bough alias 8 from livid. and have some problems with ableton . hope you can help me.

i really don't understand how the buttons works, cause sometimes they are lightened . and sometimes don't.

this doesnt means i can't map on my ableton liveset the controller, in fact i map " play of track 1 (for example)" with a button and it works perfectly. but it doesnt light up . why is that ? 

so i tried to look out on the forum, i'm a bit confused. but i downloaded this : Alias8 DJ 2 Deck Project . to try on ableton and then magic! all the butons started to show up lightened. and then after that if i open a project on my own, it works good. but if i turn down my computer and start from scratch again, all is lost. 

(before that i also downloaded LividLive9RemoteScripts.dmg of course so ableton recognize the controller) 

i tried to copy the midi preferences from that demo project you guys uploaded. but nothing changes :( 

hope you can help me

Thanks in advance 

Simon .


  • you need to do make sure your preferences are setup properly 

    looking at this picture you need to replace the spaces that say BASE with Alias 8 with the exception of the control surface, set that to none.
  • Jay . thxs a lot for replying. 

    well i downloaded the script for ableton 9 apparently. but i don't have the same preferences options . 

    check out :

    or also that one :

    i don't have base 9 in the surface . i just have livid base or something like that.

    hope you can help me. and sorry for bordering

  • ok don't select Livid base, don't select anything in that menu, it should be set to none. Now if you MIDI learn a clip to launch it should light up the LEDs.

  • greaaaat jay. now it works !! . 

    so maybe its just like that but : the buttons from below doesn't light up . just the one from upstairs. 

    and second. i have seen that its possible to change the colors of the buttons. is that right?

    anyway i thank you a lot
  • edited July 2013

    In regards to changing the colors of the buttons: With midi learn Live will overwrite (take over) any led settings you've made to the controller unless you've turned off remote messages to the controller from Live in preferences. However if you do this you won't be able to get feedback from Live when, for instance, a clip is playing.

  • You can change the default color map using the online editor

    or create a remote script, which can be a bit difficult without knowledge of Python.
  • thank you guys

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