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Base pad quality/construction question?

edited March 2013 in Hardware

Currently am using an MPC60 with the thick pads and felt sensor upgrade for the bottoms of the pads. My question is are the bottom of the pads on the base a circle center (MPC style) for striking or the whole square is the surface area for striking the sensor (Padkontrol design)? How thick are the pads compare to a stock set of MPC 2000/ 3000/60/ 2500/ 4000 pads?



  • I am not familiar with any of these pads bit ours are totally different. They are very low profile to create a playing"surface" that you can run your fingers across. We didn't copy any design, it's an original design for maximum playability. FWIW there isn't a hole in the pads at all, the bottoms are completely flat and cover the entire surface below.

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