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Two brains/more analog connections

edited March 2013 in Hardware


Could you give me some more info about how two brains together will work, im building a pretty big controller and just noticed I may need two!

Is there a way to link them up so I can only connect 1 usb?

Also just on the off chance, is there any other way I can get more analog connections as the main reason for the second brain would only be for more analog's so would feel a waste by using a whole brain just for that really.



  • Hey Matt,

    You can run both Brains to a single USB hub, then run just the hub to your computer.

    Or you could hook the MIDI out from one brain to the MIDI in of the other brain. You will still need to power the second brain.

    You may look into using a Brain Jr. which can handle 16 analogs, but we are currently back ordered on Brain Jr., so it will be a little while before you would be able to get one in your hands.

  • Hi Mark, thanks for the quick reply

    So you would obviously confirgure both brains separately but after that you can plug them into a hub and allow the computer to see it as 1 brain. Do you often get problems doing it like this regarding abelton midi map's that have allready been set up etc etc.

    I supposed both ways are as easy as each other, is one more fullprof than the other?

    What about analog multiplexer chips could this be a way to get more analog on 1 brain?

  • The Brain is maxed out, but you can use the MIDI ins and outs to daisy chain them together. and use a single midi port from one of them.

  • Thanks jay! So I can just configure both of them separately and then when I come to use it will be ok the computer seeing them as one device?

  • Yes with the daisy chain method using the midi in and out jacks, the computer would see them as 1 device. You will stil need to power the second device.

    With the USB hub method the computer will see them as 2 devices. Ableton can handle the midi mapping of two devices no problem.
  • Thanks Mark!

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