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Brain v2 scipting

edited March 2013 in Hardware

Hi, I have a few questions about LED's and feedback from abelton.

I have buttons to trigger clips in ableton, how would I program the leds so when a button is on, then another is pressed futher down the column the led which was on playing the orignal audio will turn of and the new audio playing led will turn on. Basically I want it to act like any controller commercial controller you see for abelton.

Also I have strips of 6 leds I wish to show the track volume coming out of abelton, can anyone shed any light about how to do this?



  • You don't need scripting for the button triggering, just use MIDI learn and make sure you have the proper ins and outs selected in the preferences. Not sure about the track volume, but i've seen other scripts like the Will Marshal template accomplish this.

  • Which controller are you using?

  • Its on the brainv2, sorry didn't make it clearer will that led columns still work like you said? Still no luck with the VU metering on the leds. The will marshall script was for a APC, and Im not to sure about de complying a pyc file and trying to take it and use it for my own

  • If you have a certain fader mapped to the volume, you could have a set of LED's show the level of the fader very easily. Would that work for your set up?

  • I think im going to try create something in max with live's api to get the feedback straight from abelton. If not I will just map the fader like you said!

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