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Just bought a 2ndhand CNTRL:R - have some questions

Hello all,

I'm a fresh CNTRL:R owner. I've been messing around with it for two days and I absolutely love it. There's still some things I would like to set up but I can't seem to figure out how. I'm using the CNTRL:R to control my ableton live sets. I've downloaded the latest python control script. I know how to use it but I'd like to make some changes.

This is how I'd like to set up my controller:

1) channel volumes on 4 left sliders
2) effects on 4 right sliders
3) Scene launch / Stop all / Navigate scene up / Navigate scene down -> on four lower right knobs
4) I want to see the length of my loop running in the sequence row (so I have a visual check for launching the next scene)

I was able to map the sliders by using abletons MIDI learn without any issue.
I was also able to change the 4 lower right knobs by using MIDI learn but I've got two problems here:
1) My shift button is now gone, can I map the shift button to another button?
2)I would like to change the colors of these four knobs. I tried the online editor and changed/saved new colors to these knobs. This worked, but whenever I open my liveset file it changes back to the old colors.

David August is using it exactly the way I want to use it: 
Drumrack in the middle / sequence visual always running, launch scene mapped somewhere far lower right, volume on left sliders, effects on right sliders. These are the only things I want to use it for, all of the other knobs can be blanco/free for effects!

How do I set this up properly? 

Thanks in advance!!



  • Hey Frederik, 

    Remapping any of the scripted functions via MIDI learn in Ableton will override them completely, the only way to reassign things and maintain the scripted functionality (e.g. the shift button, which is particularly problematic if I remember correctly)  is to change the actual script.  The CNTRLR script is not a very simple script, as you might imagine (considering all the functionality that is packed into it).  You're welcome to PM me via the forums though and we could work something out, I wrote all the Livid scripts and continue to support them as much as I can.  I don't generally have time to do custom work for free these days, but it would likely be pretty inexpensive for you, as I don't think it would take a lot of time for me to do it.  

    Changing the colors needs to be done in the scripts .map file, not via the editor, as the script overrides all that stuff and loads defaults.

    I'm quite honestly not sure how David is doing things, he contacted me long ago when he first started using the controller but I think he ended up getting someone else to do things for him, or perhaps he did it himself ;)



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