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Alias 8 - set fader or knob to transmit pitchbend?

Hi - I have been trying to use the Alias 8 online editor to set one of my Alias8 faders to transmit pitchbend but have been able to set this up.

I read the manual and it states that under the editor's Knobs and Sliders Inspector you can change the Mode to cc or bend.  See below.....  

from manaul

In bend mode, using numbers 0-31 will send "high res" CC messages. This means two messages are sent: for example, if you assign a slider CC 0 in bend mode, then the slider will send CC 0 (for the MSB) and CC 32 (for the LSB). It is still a 7-bit resolution message, but the format is 14-bit. Numbers 96 to 111 will send pitchbend messages on channels 1-16 respectively.

So when I set to bend and save to my Alias 8 - the fader then transmits no mid information at all.  If I set back to cc then the fader will send out cc midi info. 

The reason I want to set one of my faders to bend mode is to get the high resolution 14 bit resolution so I can control my Roland cloud sh101 filter which has 250 steps (yeah I know 14 bit is overkill but better than 127 steps).

Anyway if someone has any insight on this I would greatly appreciate it.





  • Hi Mike,

    I replied in your 'ticket' as well, but I didn't notice a direct mention there that you wanted full 14-bit resolution in the post. (Just that you wanted to be able to use pitchbend.)

    The Alias 8 supports 14-bit protocols, but the fader resolution is fixed at 7-bit.
    For example, an Alias 8 outputting a 'pitchbend' simply skips values to allow the 7-bit slider to work with the 14-bit protocol.
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