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Minim Windows editor / VMWare

edited January 2019 in Software Discussion


I plan to buy Minim for a specific project. Honestly, I really need it as it’s the smallest Bluetooth multi-platform midi controller I’ve found, which is essential for my setup.

I will use iOS and Windows 10. Is there still a W10 editor planned?

My only solution seems to use MidiFire and some custom Streambyter rules, but that is far from optimal as I will need the iPhone and rtpmidi to work with Ableton Live and W10 Lenovo laptop.

Do you think the Mac editor is able to work on a Mojave virtual machine in VMware on on W10 machine?

That editor seems really powerful, I think lot of users need it on Windows platform too.




  • Hi Jean,

    Yes, the Mac Editor will likely work in a Virtual Machine. 
    We do a lot of development using VMs.

    Windows 10 development has been frustrating because no major software developers are adding support for Window's Bluetooth-MIDI system that  released a couple of years ago.
    When we see that adoption occur (or when we start selling Bluetooth MIDI USB Sticks), we will release a Windows Editor for the Minim.

    We currently have to use 'MIDI Berry' plugin to use Minim with most apps (like Ableton Live) on Windows 10, and it only supports Minim -> Software communication (and not the feedback from Software -> Minim).  

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