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Possible to send CC instead of Note for Base faders press on/off?

edited December 2018 in Hardware
Is it possible to set up the Base faders to output a CC instead of Note for press on/off?

I have a few "smart-knob" effects devices built in Ableton Live, where a single knob is used to both alter an important fx parameter and turn off the effect when knob is at 0 value.  This is also a trick used in Sugar Bytes' Turnado multi-fx plugin. 

I'd like to map these fx to the touch faders on the Base, but for this to work the faders need to send a CC with value 0 when released.  Is there any way to accomplish this?  I see that only Note option is available for fader press in the editor, but maybe there's an undocumented sysex workaround?

Currently I have a Max patch that intercepts midi from the Base faders and turns the Note messages into CCs to accomplish this, but I'd be great to keep things clean and not have to use an intermediary patch.  Thanks!
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