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RGB Wiring


I am trying to hook up 3 RGB lights to my Brain Jr.. I have them being controlled by 3 IR sensors that are dedicated to each of the individual LED's. How do I go about connecting all 3 RGB LED's to the brain, and what should my settings look like in Brain configure v2?y

Thank you!



  • Hi Josias,

    Do you have the shield which breaks out all of the LEDs?
    It's easier that way.
    If not, the pin for each RGB are detailed on our wiki.
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    I do not have the breakout shield unfortunately, it has been out of stock I believe. I would definitely like to purchase one if you have one available? I sent a very detailed support ticket the other day, with all the information regarding the issue I’m experiencing. The first two LED’s are reacting properly to the signal from their dedicated IR sensor; but the third is not, even though there is signal coming from the sensor. LED #3 is turning on, but it does not change colors based on the signal from the sensor, like the other 2 LED's do. This is how I’m connecting the RGB LED’s to the Brain Jr.:

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    LED RGB 1: Controlled by Analog IR


    Sensor 1 (WORKING)

    Anode: Column Input 1


    Red Cathode: Row Input 1


    Green Cathode: Row Input 2


    Blue Cathode: Row Input 3


    LED RGB 2: Controlled by Analog IR


    Sensor 2 (WORKING)

    Anode: Column Input 5

    Red Cathode: Row Input 4

    Green Cathode: Row Input 5

    Blue Cathode: Row Input 6

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    LED RGB 3: Controlled by Analog IR 

    Sensor 3 (NOT WORKING)

    Anode: Column Input 9


    Red Cathode: Row Input 7

    Green Cathode: Row Input 8


    Blue Cathode: Row Input 9


    My Settings in Brain Configure:



    My support ticket may be a bit more detailed, but hopefully this was thorough enough. I'm hoping you can help me out!


    Thank you,



  • I sent an email quite a while ago regarding this issue, and still no response! I’d appreciate some support. Thanks!

  • Hi Josias,

    I found the problem.

    The LED ID system uses rows 1-6 for all columns first, then moves on to rows 7-12 for the second half of the LED ID's.
    So, in you 'Analogs' section, you want to change the 'LED Group Number' for 'id' '2'
    - from: 2 (which refers to LED Column 2, Rows 1-3
    - to: 8 (which refers to LED Column 1, Rows 7-9)

    Similarly, the ID's that you would adjust in the 'LEDs' section is 24-26. (Though, that is optional, as those are only used for MIDI Feedback).

    Here's a detailed spreadsheet of the LED Group ID system.
    (Please not that the number system in this doc is 1-16, but the editor uses 0-15, so ID's in the spreadsheet are one higher than the value you should input on the editor screen.)

    Let us know if we can help you more with this!

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