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DS-1 as a mixer

Hi there!

I just got a DS-1 secondhand and would like to use it in the way as it is shown here:
I got the remote scripts downloaded and Ableton recognises them but I am not able to use the 5 channel encoders to control sends. Everything else works. I know that I could manually midi map them in ableton but then I would have to do it on a per project basis as these mappings are only saved with the project. Is there any other way I could do it?

Thank You


  • The default setting for the knobs is to control the parameters or macros of the first device in a track.  In order to use them as Send controllers, you'll need to change a line in the file inside the Livid_DS1_v2 script folder in your MIDI Remote Scripts folder inside the Live application.  On MacOS, this is inside the Live app bundle, this is /Applications/Ableton Live 10 Remote Scripts/Livid_DS1_v2/, line 37.


    If you change that and restart Live, you should get the behavior you're looking for ;)


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