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having trouble with ableton script for base 1

Hi I tried all manner of things. i have ableton intro and nothing I tried has worked to install the proper ableton script. I have the Base 1 and downloaded a variety of ableton scripts including ones from these places

Nothing seems to work with Ableton Live 9 Intro version. While it detects the Base is plugged in, there is no script option Base9 available to choose from.  

I will need to know very quickly if this script will work with Ableton Intro (9.7.7 64 bit) or not. Otherwise i will have to return the Base. But I am hoping it will work and be the best controller for me.   

Also I updated my firmware I think but then the colors on the base changed to yellow sliders and the red blue pads reversed.  I need to make sure I have the right one in here. 


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