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drum and synthstepper for mac


And yet another problem with Livid... (I know I'm unfortunately not alone)

My drum and synthstepper don't work well on macbook pro.
Can somebody show me the exact way to install them please? (ableton 10.0.3)
The installer on the wiki i don't think is compatible with the latest ableton version and cntrlr.

Livid has been nothing but frustration untill now. Waste of money, waste of time.
That counts for the controller, the software, and the support.

So if nobody can help me on this macbook issue, it's over with Livid for me. I'm even not able to sell my controller, because I know I'll rip somebody off with that stuff.
Too much misery and not worth it at all. I'm gonna make sure nobody ever buys livid in my network ever. 
To prevent them from the suffer I had with this stuff untill now.


  • Hi Bumperfunk,

    For newer versions of Ableton Live you must install the newest version of the scripts manually.
    Please view our Ableton Live Remote Script Installation Guide for details.

    Current downloads support Ableton Live 10.
    Scripts for older versions of Ableton Live are available at the bottom of the guide. 
    Aumhaa and Livid continue  to support this product even though it has been out of production for three years.

    I replied in your other thread.
    It sounds like the controller a used controller that is up to six years old.
    Please keep that in mind when judging it's condition in regards to our workmanship.
  • I have all the latest software, to no avail. Stepprs don't work properly on my macbook.

    I checked all the guides for details a thousand times. And I'm not a newbie. I really know what I'm doing.

    I opened the controller, cleaned it, replaced faders with good quality ones...
    It's clean as new inside. It should work. But it doesn't like it should.
    Without the use of the stepprs, the sequencer part is useless, thus my expensive cntr:l is basically useless.
    If anyone wants it, feel free to contact mee.
    Stating that its 6 six years old and I should take that in consideration if I judge the stuff like you say, 
    is not making any sense.
    Its so expensive, that customers obviously have the right to expect it to work longer than 6 years.
    My akai controllers in my studio are half the money and still working perfectly.
    I'm still very dissapointed in Livid. Don't say that you guys are not putting energy in support, but check online all the unsatisfied customers about Livid, i'm definitely not the only one. From a cheap brand you can expect that, but not from something that costs a lot.
    Anyway I gave up livid. For live use of a step sequencer, I'm switching to Beatstep Pro from Arturia, very easy to use, reliable as fuck and way cheaper. It's a shame really, because it looked good's a shame of my lost money also.
    Anyway, CNTR:L for sale for who wants to take a risk.

  • Hi Bumperfunk,

    I'm sorry that you've given up on Cntrl:R and that the stepper scripts weren't working right for you.
    If you do want help with the scripts again at some point, we are here to help, and we can help you get detailed information on what is failing, just let us know.

    I also didn't mean to imply that time alone damages controllers, but certain artists are very rough on controllers (mainly cause is slamming the sliders to the top or bottom).
    We have one Ohm user for example, who claimed that he would break most of the faders on APC-40 every two months while on tour. On the other hand, his Ohm's would typically last about a couple of years before he would start breaking faders.
    My point is that mechanical devices like sliders have limits, and if they are hit hard on the edges millions of times they do tend to fail no matter how great the fader is. 

    That being said,
    you sound like you are more careful with your controllers, and it is reasonable to expect that if you had bought the device new, your faders would last six or more years. 
    Indeed, my first generation Cntrl:R's sliders still work well, and it has never been repaired.

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