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Is it possible to use the Guitar Wing editor and test settings with Midi gear simultaneously?

I'm using a Mac to edit Guitar Wing with the editor.

I then connect the wing receiver to a USB Midi host that sends Midi to my guitar rig.

The problem is that a can never test my settings as i write them into Guitar Wing.

Does the editor output Midi? Could i, in theory, send Midi from my Mac to the guitar rig while using the editor?


  • edited July 2018

    Hi Lucas,

    Guitar Wing Editor does not output Midi.
    However, you can access your Guitar Wing MIDI Ports with multiple softwares/devices on Macs.
    So you could use a midi routing software like 'Midi Pipe' to send the MIDI From your Guitar Wing, to your USB-MIDI Host (if the USB-MIDI Host is also connected to your computer).

    Let us know if we can help you more with this. 

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