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NativeKontrol for CNTRL. A easier way to map? :O

I'm hoping that this is allowed in here and I'm not breaking any rule.

I'm a new Livid user and I've searched everywhere for an easy way to map the controller according to my needs while also keeping the colours and other features that the script has but without coding since I don't have the necessary knowledge  ... anyway

I've sent an email to them and asked if they have something for the CNTRL or even if they even think about making it. 
They have the controller in mind but they prioritise things according to what people ask. So... let's ask them and make our life a bit easier?


  • I have also spoken to them several times, but it is unlikely that they will release something for the CNTRLR soon. However they do have an application called DDC, which allows you to make your own remote scripts and it can be used with the CNTRLR as well.

    I tried it, and it is very nice, takes some time though, but you could make some controls for the extra 8 mapping pages on your cntrlr.
    For me I prefer to use the default script and then make my own mappings on the extra 8 pages in my templates
  • Though, I'm pretty sure that it's not exactly what either of you wants,
    the Cntlr:R Script does have a User Page which allows you to map a page of your own custom items.

    The source code for our scripts are always available on our developer's github for custom modification.  

    amounra here on our forums is typically available for hire to develop custom Ableton scripts. 

    There are also apps like remotify for making your own custom ableton scripts.

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