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Multiple Shift Buttons

to understand. better what I'm looking for i'll try to explain exactly what I intend to do:

(I think it easier to explain in a video so I made a 2 minute video explaining this also:  )
I have midi 4 channels for now, and it would be more in the future. For now I have: PIANO, SYNTH, E.PIANO, STRINGS/PADS

On each channels have an Instrument rack that contains different types of that instrument (e.g. On the Piano ch. I have, Grand Piano, Bass&Piano Split, etc).

I'm using this section of the controller to turn on/off devices so I save resources. Those for faders controls my volume for my 4midi and the top knobs controls the same parameters for every ch. - I have Reverb. AutoFilter and on each one of these midi Ch. and with those knobs I can reach fast the parameter I'm interested.

Anyway... what I'm looking for ...for now, is a way to turn off/on different devices/instruments but in a way that is efficient and doesn't cost me the whole board at some point. I wast thinking that the moment I press the first button, another four activates so I can choose what I want. To be more specific: Lets say that I activate the Piano rack, and now I have to chose what type of piano I want. would be nice if the four bottom pads would alow me to do that. But the same 4 pads on the bottom I want to use when I select my type of strings for eg. So I was thinking that some sort of shift button would allow me to do that.


  • Hi danicroitor,

    Some software's support custom shift keys without any programming (Traktor, for example).
    However, implementing 'shift' keys in Live requires rather complex remote script programming in python.
    Our remote script supports a shift key which could provide you with a good example, if you are a programmer. 
    If you are not, but you are interested in commissioning someone to create one for you, you should reach out to aumhaa, here in our forums, as he is the best.

    You might also look into Remotify.
    I'm not sure if they can create exactly what you are looking for, but they do specialize in DIY remote scripts for Live.
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