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Help Boss GT10b + kenton midi usb host + guitar wing

Hi to everybody, i really need an help for the following situation....
I 'have just bought th boss GT10b for bass and i really need to control it on stage with my hands without using my feet and with no computer, so i thought that guitar wing + kenton midi usb host could be the right solution.
Is there anybody that had the same problem and used this solution? Is it possible?
In the forum i have read that seem to be possible but i have no idea how to do it, i'm a newbies, can you help me or can you give me some different ideas?
At the moment i haven't got the kenton midi usb host anf the guitar ring but if will be the right solution i will buy that stuff soon.
Thanks for the help


  • Hi Selacodan,

    I currently use essentially this same setup but I use a BomeBox, and it works incredibly well.
     Guitar Wing -> USB Receiver -> BomeBox -> Digitech MultiFx Pedal MIDI Ports

    We have a couple of users that I've spoken with over the years that have used the Kenton with success.
    It works especially well if you have a 2017 Edition Guitar Wing which supports much quicker connection/reconnection times.

  • Thanks a lot, have you remapped something o worked directly? In my case i suppose i have to remap and assign everything manually and this let me not  sure if to buy or not the two products (guitar wing and kenton). So i will take my time until i can find someone that have the same situation of mine so maybe could hel me to solve the problem.
    Anyway a couple of users had had my situation? Well I'm realy happy to hear that and i hope that someone of them will see this post :-)

  • Yes,

    I had to look in the Digitech Pedal's manual to find what MIDI Commands it accepts.
    Then I used Guitar Wing Editor to set Guitar Wing to send the commands that I wanted to use.

    If you tell me which pedal you are using (or link to a pdf for it's manual), I could tell you how to remap Guitar Wing to fit your pedal.
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