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Availability of builder parts

Hey Guys, 

just checked back to complete this project i started a few yrs ago now. Been back to college since last on and have shelved the project. Ive noticed you don't have any omni boards in stock, was wondering is there an order in for more or are they been made obsolete? i could really really do with about 6 more to complete my project. Ive noticed a few other original builder parts aren't available, could you let me know if more are due in and what you may not be stocking any more? Are you getting some more omni boards??

Many Thanks 



  • Would anyone out there have some omni boards they aren'y using and would like to sell?

  • Guitar wing and minim are the only 2 items in the store?? Have i missed something?? Can someone fill me in please? Where are all the products gone???

  • IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE????????????????

  • edited April 2018

    Hi shinotoko,

    We're working out the details of bringing the builder line back this week and next. I hope for it to return in about two months.

    I did come across some extra omni stock recently (the single color LED version),  but we don't have the whole line back yet.
    Please fill out a ticket in our support system and describe exactly what you hope to have to finish your project, and I'll let you know what we can deliver for you.
  • Hey Moon, 

    Thanks so much for a reply, i seriously thought u guys were gone, i hadn't been on in months and was shocked when i seen the shop was as good as empty!! This is fantastic news, i had resorted to the fact that it was a lost cause. i've put a fair bit of work into the project so far and am delighted i can now finish it!! i'll need 4-6 plain omni boards, (not rgb) i need 4 min, 6 would be great (could use hacker method for some 4-6 is too many!!), id have a spare if needed down the road. i'll go do a list of exactly what id like and fill out a ticket!

    Good to hear the builder line is making a come back, i love it and plan on using more when it returns!!!

    Seriously dude thanks for replying, i was having a shitty morning and this has cheered me right up!!!

    Keep up the great work

  • As u can see by the profile pic, its ehhh..... an AMBITIOUS project with many many wires!!  6 channel mixer for traktor/ableton - centre detent pots, push button encoders, rgb pads, 6 (channel)LED displays for meters, will retro fit an interface into it somehow too (an NI audio 4 (or 8)maybe) 

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