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Guitar Wing toggle button by software

On my Guitar Wing, I have a button set to toggle. I want to set it to the off value by software control.  Setting it "off means - light off w next press sending the on value. I would like to control it using and AppleScript inside of midipipe where I have other code I am using. Can you give me an example AppleScript that would do this?


  • I'm not familiar with Apple Script personally, but toggle buttons do respond to MIDI Feedback on Guitar Wing.

    So if you send the Guitar Wing's buttons 'Key' a value of 0, the toggle will turn off.
    If you send it a value above 0, the toggle will turn on.

    I did not find any clear cut examples for Sending MIDI to a Device.
    (All of them where based on receiving the MIDI).
    I did find one thread where a user mentions that it is possible with the help of a 'MIDI Cue'.

  • I think I can handle the AppleScript but what codes do I send to guitar wing to specify a particular button? Maybe there is a cc code for each button so that cc 32, 0 would turn off button 32 and cc 32,1 would turn it on? Maybe another button is cc 33 or 34. I’m making up these cc codes as an example. I just need to know how to specify the buttons.

  • I discovered the button lights work by the same code they are programmed to send. But sending the code controls only the light and does not toggle the button. The next press of the button sends the off value even though the light was already off- button logic remains on. Is it possible to toggle off the button logic by midi code sent to guitar wing?

  • Hi Thunderfingers,

    You were doing it right. 
    I took a look at the code, and I see that this capability was not enabled except in very specific cases.
    I apologize for my error.

    I opened it up to any button in 'Toggle' mode, and I created a new build for you.

    I confirmed it is indeed working.
    A value of 0, leads to a toggle state of off.
    A value of 1-127, leads to a toggle state of on.

  • BTW I have put firmware 1.40 in two guitar wings and I have no firmware problems and it works great. You might want to update your setup instructions and firmware update software to use this newer version.

  • It has been updated as of today. Thanks for your feedback!

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