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Guitar Wing Bank Change for Tripleplay

I'm using guitar wing to control a Fishman Tripleplay system. I have level, patch up/down, hold and program change working - BUT I need to change banks. The bank change changes "songs"which are a group of patches loaded into memory for quick access. 

I can't figure out how to send a bank change message with guitar wing. I think it might be more midi messages than guitar wing can do- so I also got midciipe software that can change midi messages - but I don't know how to do it with that either. Here is what the manual says-

4. Bank Settings. Bank and Program change messages should be sent on MIDI Ch 1. Setting the MSB and LSB for program change messages allows the user to select and increment within the following lists of patches:


User Patches: Factory Patches: Library Patches: Songs:
Hardware Patches:


LSB 0: Patches 1-128 LSB 1: Patches 129-240
LSB 0: Patches 1-128 LSB 1: Patches 129-240 LSB: LSB number selects which library Patches 0-128 only LSB: LSB number selects which song Patches 0-128 only LSB 0: Patches 1-128 LSB 1: Patches 129-240 


  • I did as you suggest and I programmed 1 key for MSB, one for LSB and 1 for Program change - and it works. Not fast, not convenient, not versatel- but it confirms those codes will do the trick.

    Ideally the up and down arrows go up and down the "songs" (banks). As you mention there are 3 messages that must be sent. I can only see how to send 1 message from 1 button. In order to increment and decrement the button would have to "know" what "song" (bank) you are on.

    Is this possible with a "special" key?

    Do you know how to program midi pipe to do this?


  • Excellent! Thanks for taking this idea into consideration. Another feature I would really like is the ability to toggle between 2 patches. Press once- get patch A, press again, get patch B, press again get patch A etc. Often I have a song where Must switch between the same 2 sounds rapidly. I would imagine this is a common need.

  • Need to toggle between two cc codes. For example - Press once get patch up, press again for patch down.

    Here is the info for tripleplay patch up and down- Patch up. CC 68 value 128, 0 on release for patch up 3. Patch down. CC 67 value 127, 0 on release for patch down.

    Not unusual to want a different sound for the chorus of a song than a verse. Sometimes I'm singing during this change so I need one button that toggles.

  • Yes there are bugs in the software as well as the manual as this was a copy and paste from the Tripleplay documentation. Oh well.

  • I commissioned a programmer to write a midipipe/applescript script to do bank change in triple play. I'm glad to share it for other triple play users. But- for me the measly 10 patches is not enough. I've changed to using triple play hardware patches to control a VST/AU plugin host "Gig Performer" from gig I used over 70 patches in my last show. The only delay is in the signal from Guitar wing to triple play, then triple play sending the program change number. All patches are in memory and there is no load time with Gig Performer. SO- I'm not using the bank change midi pipe script.

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