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base page 2 and live script

hello so I got the base 2 lately and got the live script running and got it to transfer aftertouch to live as midi cc by editing the script a little really love those pads! but I also like to use other pages in the base and switch to them with midi programchange commands from live I can do it and it is changing to the other pages and changing back to the script page when sending pchange 1. so it's cool. but the big problem is that after the script is loading it is completely erasing all the other pages and brings them to the default used by the script! so I can't set them up like I need.... I don't know why that is happening and wonder if there's any way to change that?

if I run live without the script loaded it is working like needed with user pages but as soon as the script loaded it is setting to default.

thank yous

Naaman meir

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