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Livid Block, Setting MIDI Channel (with no SysEx)

Hello everyone. I'm still trying to make my Block work as a DAW controller. 

Is there any way I can assign a note on/off signal to route the global output toward a selected MIDI channel? 
Let's say I want something like this: 8 notes from D0 to A0, on every and each channel (1-16), are assigned to route the global output toward a defined channel (i.e. pressing D0 on any channel (1-16) -> Block's global output switches to ch. 1, pressing D#0 on any channel -> Block's global output goes on ch. 2, and so on). 

Been trying Midipipe, but unfortunately I don't have time to go deeper into SysEx and so on. 
Seems to me that the Livid editor would only let me switch between presets, like a bank up/down button.
Any other way to accomplish this?


  • Ok, so there's something in the Livid Wiki which seems to refer to global MIDI output channel change.
    I still don't see if I can assign a specific note to a specific channel (i.e. D0 -> switches Block to channel 1 , D#0 -> switches Block to channel 2 , and so on)

    Also, very basic question, where do I use the SysEx commands in the Livid editor?

  • no, channels are global unfortunately. 

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